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|   7 - 8 APRIL 2016   |   Mar Mikhael Historical Train Station - Beirut, Lebanon


For its second edition in Beirut, the Arabic Game Jam is back to challenge the best game development teams from the Middle East & North Africa region to create an Arabic Game in 48 hours . Whether you are a game designer, programmer, graphic artist or simply a keen player, Arabic Game Jam offers a unique opportunity to create games, meet developers and make new best friends during a fun weekend in the vibrant city of Beirut.


Arabic Game Jam offers you and fellow participants the chance to team up and create an Arabic game within 48 hours. You can compete to win by trying to make the best game or simply participate to challenge yourself and learn about new ideas and technologies in an intense yet informal atmosphere.


Arabic Game Jam is the primary vehicle in the region for the next generation of game developers. A chance to steal the limelight! Participants consist of a mix of industry veterans, indie developers and students of all ages, whereby participants below 16 years of age are only allowed to do so under supervision and with parental consent.


Mena Games

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For your inquiries, please contact
Mr. Habib Chams

T +961 5 959 111    Ext. 133  
F +961 5 959 888

M +961 76 704978



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