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This page contains important information that you
must read and understand in full before applying

to Arabic Game Jam Beirut


Location: GF, BDD 1075, Beirut Digital District, Bechara El Khoury Highway, Beirut

Start time: 4:00PM, APRIL 5th 2016

End time: Midnight, April 6th 2016

1. What is Arabic Game Jam?

Arabic Game Jam is a game development hackathon focused on making games for Arabic speaking markets.  Click Here


2. Who can apply?

Anyone over 18 years old can apply regardless of their background, specialty and experience level. Participants from all countries are welcome to join.


3. I am less than 18 years old and I want to participate. can I?

Sorry. No.


4. Do I need to have game development experience to participate?


5. 30 hours is too short to make a game, no?

You are not expected to make a complete game in 30 hours. The goal is to create a game concept and playable prototype and 30 hours should be adequate time for this. Creating a playable prototype is favorable and will give you an edge, but if you run into issues and could not get something playable ready, you can still present your game concept with slides, mockups and videos!


6. Does it cost anything to participate in Arabic Game Jam?

No. We will also offer food to participants throughout the event.


7. Can I participate alone or with a team?

Arabic Game Jam is a team-based event so you can’t participate as a one-person team. You can still apply if you don’t have a team and we will help you find/create a team.


8. I don’t have a team. Help?

Participants will have the opportunity to mingle with each other online before the event (Facebook Group), and during the event up until Day 1 5:00PM. If you still don’t have a team by this deadline, we (the organizers) will match you into new teams or add you to existing ones.


9. Are there any requirements or restrictions for teams?

Teams must be at least 2 members up to a maximum of 5. Teams of more than 5 people will not be accepted.


10. Anything else I should know about teams?

No other requirements! We only advise you to form a team that achieves the essential blend of art and code.


11. How many people will participate?

We expect 30 people. The venue has an upper limit of 40 people. If applications exceed this limit, we will prioritize on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to Apply early!

12. Can I participate in Arabic Game Jam online or do I have to be at the venue?

You have to be at present at the game jam venue. Online participation is not allowed.


13. I want to come so bad, but the timing is difficult!

Ouch! We encourage you to carve out time from your calendar for Arabic Game Jam and Mena Games conference, a world class event where you can meet many regional and international game stars and professionals.


14. I’m a developer from outside Lebanon. I want to participate but I can’t afford travel and accommodation. Any suggestions?

We also encourage you to look for local donors and sponsors who may be happy to support you and cover trip expenses. Try to approach your university, government funds, big corporates, local branches of multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, or your friends and family! We can and will support you with official e-mails, invitation letters.


Note that we are doing our best to secure funding to cover part or all travel expenses for a number of participants from other Arab countries. Nothing is confirmed yet. Apply now and we will update you once we have something to share.

15. What is the application deadline?

The deadline is Tuesday 10th March, two weeks before the event.


16. What should I bring with me to Arabic Game Jam?

Bring a laptop with the needed software installed and ready for action!

You can still download and install extra software you need through Wifi provided at the venue, but this is precious time lost from the 30 hours you have to create your game concept. Come prepared!


17. What software will I need to make games?

Whichever software you are comfortable with! Here are suggestions for free and widely used software packages:


  • Game development:
  • Unity
  •  GameMaker
  •  Stencyl
  •  Construct


  • 2D Graphics:
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Paint.Net


  • 3D Graphics:
  • Blender
  • MilkShape 3D
  • Sketchup


  • Sound:
  •  Audacity


18. Will the game jam site be open around the clock?

Yes, teams can work on-site for 30 hours straight if they wish.


19. Will food be served during the jam?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be served to all participants.


20. Who owns the game concepts that are developed?

The teams and creators of the games during Arabic Game Jam holds all IP rights to their digital artifacts. All games must be posted in the state they are in as of the close of the Arabic Game Jam event (Sunday). If the team/makers of the game wish to upload subsequent versions, they are welcome and we will host and archive them. Participants who wish to use a certain Creative Commons license or any other specific license is responsible for stating so as well as communicating this through the published material.


21. Will there be awards for winning game entries?

Yes! We are working on that and will announce very soon.


22. How will the winning entries be selected?

You will present your game concepts in front of a jury panel of experts, who will rate your games based on specific criteria. We will share the evaluation criteria soon.


When and where can I apply?

Apply now here


For any further questions, please contact the Arabic Game Jam Beirut project manager at samer@play3arabi.com


Mena Games

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