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|   7 - 8 APRIL 2016   |   Mar Mikhael Historical Train Station - Beirut, Lebanon

Falafel Games Award

Do you want to join the next generation of Lebanon’s gaming industry leaders?
Here is your golden opportunity!

Falafel Games and the MENA Games Conference are offering a USD 15,000 prize for the individual or team capable of demonstrating the most incredible talent associated with the gaming industry.

Whether you’re directly involved in the production of games or believe that your skills and expertise can contribute to their success, the Falafel Games Residence Challenge is for you.

The challenge targets a wide range of participants: programmers, artists, graphic designers, game designers and developers, animators, musicians, actors and actresses, as well as online marketers, data scientists, analytics superheroes, social media producers, PR experts, game or software testers, writers, and computer graphics video producers. This is hardly an exhaustive list of course.

You would still have been screened by the representatives and leader of the gaming industry in Lebanon, HR experts, and VC professionals. Seems like a great silver lining for a participation.

Whatever your background, and whether you’re participating alone or as a team, the steps for participation are quite simple:

Step 1

Register Online before April 4.  Click Here

Arabic Game Jam candidates are eligible for the Residence Challenge and need not register, so skip to step 3.


Step 2

Falafel Games will announce the pre-selected candidates (April 6) who will win free passes to the MENA Games Conference on April 7 and 8.


Step 3

Head to Falafel Games’ booth at the MENA Games Conference and receive your challenge (April 7).


Step 4

Present your demonstration to a committee from Falafel Games, and representatives of the game industry leaders in Lebanon (April 8).


Step 5

Announcement of the winner by the end of the MENA Games Conference (April 8).

The Prize

The winning team or individual will receive USD 15,000 in cash, in order to bring their game plans to fruition.

The prize is real money and neither a mentorship, nor guidance, nor advice.

The winner(s) will however be integrated into the Falafel Games team, witness firsthand the inner workings of a game company, and benefit from the guidance and resources of Falafel Games to deliver their plans.

Don’t be upset or sad if you do not win the prize!


Mena Games

You can be a part of it today!


For your inquiries, please contact
Mr. Habib Chams

T +961 5 959 111    Ext. 133  
F +961 5 959 888

M +961 76 704978



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