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The global gaming market in 2014 was worth $83.6 billion, Newzoo concluded in its 2015 Global Games Market Report. The international research firm expected revenues to increase by 11% to amount to $91.25 billion by the end of 2015 and break the $100 billion mark one year later. Newzoo furthermore predicted that mobile game earnings would soon eclipse console game revenues.

With gaming revenues of some $3.5bn in 2014, the MENA region is still an emerging market, yet one that is rapidly picking up pace, as it has been the world’s fastest growing market for several years. The MENA region has enormous potential, as about half the population of nearly 400 million is younger than 25 years of age.

Internet, social media and smart phone penetration rates are high in some parts of the region, particularly in the Gulf countries, and modest yet rapidly increasing in other parts such as Egypt, the region’s largest country with a population of over 80 million. It is expected that half of the Arabic speaking world by 2017 will have Internet access, a ratio well above the global average.




The number of people downloading video games or computer games online has almost doubled since 2010 in the Middle East. About 10% of mobile users in the UAE download games on mobile. So is the case with Jordan and Saudi Arabia, where the monthly audience for gaming websites account for over 10% of Internet users


  •  Arabic Language will be the 4th most used language on the web.
  • The gaming sector in the Middle East, Gulf in particular, is estimated to be between USD 1 billion and USD 2.6 billion in terms of revenues including software and hardware.
  • Middle East has the second largest mobile phone population with approximately 525.8 million people using a mobile phone monthly.
  •  By 2015, Smartphones penetration in the Middle East is expected to record a 39% increase, with 72% of the owners less than 34 years old; 62% males and 38% females.



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