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|   7 - 8 APRIL 2016   |   Mar Mikhael Historical Train Station - Beirut, Lebanon



As part of the MENA Games experience, you will have full access to the Pitch & Match meeting service that has been made freely available for all registered attendees including our valued sponsors, partners, speakers, delegates, etc. to use in order to arrange meetings at the event.


The primary objective for MENA Games is to connect the stakeholders of the digital gaming industry and this is just one of the many ways we can help you do that.


Mena Games

You can be a part of it today!


For your inquiries, please contact
Mr. Habib Chams

T +961 5 959 111    Ext. 133  
F +961 5 959 888

M +961 76 704978



Organized By

IFP Lebanon

Building #57, 801 Str., Hazmieh, Zipcode: ML12103, P.O. Box: 55576, Beirut - Lebanon

Tel: +961 5 959 111, Fax: +961 5 959 888, Email: info@ifpexpo.com, Website: www.ifpexpo.com